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When I identify which line the links point to, Thomas Leavitt refers to the one born 1616 who immigrated to the Hampton NH area in the 1630s, and his many descendants.

John Leavitt was born 1608 and settled in Hingham MA in the 1630s, after first arriving in Dorchester. Since John Leavitt's descendants are more numerous, we break those branches down to his 5 sons who had families, Samuel, Israel, Moses, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and his daughters.

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Auburn Plains Cemetery, Route 4, Auburn, Maine

Above Photos contributed by Dr & Mrs Diamond
#2 Amanda Justina Leavitt Rose 1838-1936 (my great, great grandmother) – father is Martin Leavitt
#3 Angeline is her sister, Angeline Leavitt, wife of Alvan Waterman, Feb 19, 1821 - Mar 8, 1906
#1 Martin Leavitt [d Dec 27 1876 AEt 86] married Julia Ann Hotchkiss [d Feb 9 1886 AEt 86] – Minot ME, and 3 ch.
Martin’s parents:  Jacob Leavitt, Jr. & Rhoda Thayer
Jacob Leavitt, Jr’s parents:  Jacob Leavitt & Sylia Bonney
Jacob Leavitt’s parents:  Solomon Leavitt & Tabatha Crane
Solomon Leavitt’s parents:  Israel Leavitt & Lydia Jackson