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When I identify which line the links point to, Thomas Leavitt refers to the one born 1616 who immigrated to the Hampton NH area in the 1630s, and his many descendants.

John Leavitt was born 1608 and settled in Hingham MA in the 1630s, after first arriving in Dorchester. Since John Leavitt's descendants are more numerous, we break those branches down to his 5 sons who had families, Samuel, Israel, Moses, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and his daughters.

Photos of Leavitt gravestones and places taken at the Leavitt Reunion in Charlemont MA in 2007.  These Leavitts are of the Josiah line.

Photos by Roland Rhoades. I wish now that I knew back in 2007 to save larger versions of the photos. Click on photos for larger versions, which opens a new window which you can close afterwards. If you want to copy the photos for your personal use, copy the larger version.


Where we had the Reunion.

Hart & Mary Leavitt Homestead 1840-1841

Underground Railroad

Roger Hooker & Keziah Leavitt Homestead 1835-1885

Underground Railroad

Chloe (Maxwell) Leavitt, wife of Roger Leavitt, died March 19, 1854 AEt 79. Rev Jonathan Leavitt who died 9 Sep 1802 in the 72nd year of his age. He was a Follower of those who through faith & patience, inherit the promises... Hart Leavitt died Apr 15, 1881 AE 72 yrs.

Mary A, wife, died Aug 20, 1869 AE 58 yrs.

Roger Leavitt
Having fulfilled the duties of Son Husband Father Friend Neighbor Christian and having honorably served his generation in Church and State, He was suddenly called to his rest
June 1, 1810 AE 69

Stone cutter's signature looks like J Hartwell Jr.

Slate stone with urn.
Here lies the body of Sarah Leavitt, Consort of the Rev J Leavitt, who died Oct 12, 1791, in the 49th year of her age.
Col. Roger Hooker Leavitt born July 21, 1805, Died July 17, 1885.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
I see from Jonathan's stone background that I did not photograph all the Leavitts there.