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Morrill Cemeteries:

Click on the photos for larger versions. Photos by Roland Rhoades 2010. If you wish to copy the photos for your personal use, copy the larger version.

MORRILL VILLAGE CEMETERY, Rt 131 north from Rt 3, just a short ways easily visible on Left just before entering the village.


Thomas Leavitt branch, 2nd wife of Dr Alvin Benton Leavitt

Elizabeth W LEAVITT
Dau James & Olive CLARY
d April 24, 1943 At Rest. [b 1878 in Knox]
same stone James CLARY
Born July 29, 1841 Died Apr 15, 1888
wife Olive A GROSS
Born Oct 30, 1850 Died June 12, 1898.

Thomas LEAVITT branch

left center

reverse side

western edge of cemetery

Nehemiah LEAVITT

John F LEAVITT 1865 - 1956
wife Vietta Aroline WHITCOMB
1861 - 1933
& Their Two Infants
1871 - 1949
wife Lenora I WHITCOMB
1872 - 1934
Addison BROWN 1848 - 1890
wife Etta E LEAVITT  1859 - 1925

reverse side of BROWN-LEAVITT stone

George E MARSH 1874 - 1933
wife Grace C BROWN 1880 - 1964
her 2nd husb Arthur DOW 1890 - 1973
Rt side of cem    
Mildred L FLAGG 1900-1943
Elsie - no dates  




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