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When I identify which line the links point to, Thomas Leavitt refers to the one born 1616 who immigrated to the Hampton NH area in the 1630s, and his many descendants.

John Leavitt was born 1608 and settled in Hingham MA in the 1630s, after first arriving in Dorchester. Since John Leavitt's descendants are more numerous, we break those branches down to his 5 sons who had families, Samuel, Israel, Moses, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and his daughters.

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Dixmont, Newburgh, and some Newport Photos thanks to NALF member Jean Shea Harden.

From Rt 95 Newport-Dexter exit, turn rt on Rt 7 through town, bunch of curves, turn rt at sign for US95 North, cross highway and take immediate rt at cemetery sign.

William C Leavitt
died May 4, 1834 AE 66
"We remember you still."
Judith (Bickford), wife
died March 24, 1860 AE 94
"Angels guard me."
Boyd C Leavitt, son
died Aug 31, 1857
AE 41 ys. 9ms. 15ds.
Asenath (Leavitt) Merrill, dau
died May 22, 1891
AE 92 yrs. 12 ds.
Dudley L Merrill
died May 6, 1880
AE 43 yrs. 6 mos.
"We were born to part."
Corelli (Simpson) Ellis 1868-1954
(G-Gdau of Wm & Judith)
William W Shea (g-son) 1914-1984
M Marie (Mathes) Shea 1920-2010


-  Thomas Leavitt branch

Cordelia P (Miles) Simpson, wife George
(G-dau of William Leavitt & Judith)
Died Oct 16, 1890,
AE 67 yrs 2 mos 26 ds.
George Simpson
Died Aug 11, 1893 AE 82
Ben Frank Simpson 1840-1914
(son of George & Belinda (Miles)
Almeda D (Craig) wife 1838-1925
Nellie Maud dau 1874-1874

 LEAVITT CEMETERY - NEWBURGH, MAINE -  Thomas Leavitt branch

6 children of Dudley & Sarah:
Dudley R Miles
Oct 16 1795 - Mar 11 1862
Sarah Benson (Leavitt) Miles
(dau of William & Judith)
Aug 23 1797 - Mar 16 1869
  Belinda (Miles) Simpson,
dau, 1st wife of George
July 17 1817 - Oct 18 1849
(mother of Ben Frank Simpson)
Asenath Miles
died Aug 13 1836, 14th year.
Asenath Amanda Miles
died Nov 5 1850 AE 10 ys 3 ms.
Charles N Miles
May 29 1856 - Aug 9 1861
Moncena Miles
Died June 17 1880 AE 42 yrs 2 mos.
Stephen Cummings Miles
Died Nov 12 1867 AE 31 yrs 6 mos.

Newport, Newburgh, and Dixmont are all in the SW corner of Penobscot County.