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When I identify which line the links point to, Thomas Leavitt refers to the one born 1616 who immigrated to the Hampton NH area in the 1630s, and his many descendants.

John Leavitt was born 1608 and settled in Hingham MA in the 1630s, after first arriving in Dorchester. Since John Leavitt's descendants are more numerous, we break those branches down to his 5 sons who had families, Samuel, Israel, Moses, Josiah, and Nehemiah, and his daughters.

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Photos taken during MOCA meeting May 18, 2013, and in September.
I took LEAVITT photos, plus my other family names, FRENCH and the child Lillian SOULE in Spring Hill was the second wife of my g-grandfather Roland E Rhoades I.  Additional info from the records and VR compiled by the National Assn of Leavitt Families and the French Family Assn, records of both in my possession.

See also the Palmyra Historical Society webpage for complete cemetery transcriptions etc.

or a MAP of locations here.

VILLAGE CEMETERY, Warren Hill Road (Rt 151) almost on the corner of Rt 2.

Left side of cem which is Sect 2, Lot 35-36, on the left roadway in, at about the tree line separating the new section.
Ernest C LEAVITT, May 24, 1875 - Sept 22, 1943 [Palmyra D/C says b Palmyra son of Charles & Octavia (ABBOTT) LEAVITT]  [SAMUEL LEAVITT line]
Nellie J [HANSON], August 20, 1878 - June 28, 1960 [died Burnham]
Harry L LEAVITT, Sept 26, 1908 - Feb 3, 1999 [b/c gives name as Linwood F b Carmel, d Bangor, 8th ch of Leslie H b Parkman & Carrie E (WING) LEAVITT b St Albans] [DANIEL LEAVITT line]
Grace L [DUNN], April 15, 1914 - [March 21, 2009 Brewer]
Married March 3, 1930 in Dixmont
LEAVITT Lot from a distance. Lot is in new Sect 3 Lot 166, as you can see in this locational photo, in the back right corner of the new section.

WARREN HILL CEMETERY, Warren Hill Road (Rt 151). From Village Cem continue as road turns left, then 2 mi, cem on left in woods..


This FRENCH Family descends from the Edward French of Salisbury MA branch.

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Doct. BENJAMIN FRENCH, Died Sept 9, 1839 AE 65.
MARY [RILEY] his wife, died Oct 8, 1853 AE 73.
"I am the resurrection and the life."
Cemetery also includes Rev War soldier Gould French Sept 17, 1741 - May 12, 1823; and some ch who d 1826, 1831, 1893 in Gould lot.

SPRING HILL CEMETERY, Spring Hill Road. From Village Cem continue and stay straight onto St Albans Rd , travel 1.8 mi to Spring Hill Rd on your right. Cross Millers Corner and Weirs Road. Cem will be on your right .9 mi from St Albans Rd. (formerly called Miller Cem by MOCA) - all SAMUEL LEAVITT line.
I have no lot #s or sections from the town, so am labelling the sections #1 at the entrance, then #2, 3 and 4.     Sect #1:

Arthur was the son of Abram Leavitt & Cynthia Shaw. His 2nd m in 1934 to Gertrude Giles (Mrs McLeod) was performed by Rev Milo Folsom, Pittsfield Universalist Church.

Arthur J LEAVITT 1884-1964 [d 19 May 1964 Waterville];
Florence M (PARKMAN) wife 1883-1929 [d/c: d 3 June 1929 Palmyra];
Ray Bertram 1908-[21 Feb 1908 P. - 22 Jan 1994 Augusta];
Doris M 7 Aug 1920 - 16 Jan 1922 Palmyra;
Lloyd E 4 Jan - 27 Jan 1925 Palmyra.
Flipside, at entrance.  Freemason.
Section #2:  

Abram S was the son of Jonathan Leavitt & Sarah Stockbridge, born Stratham NH. The family belonged to the Universalist Church, obvious since they named a son Hosea Ballou after the famous Universalist Minister, Theologian, and Writer.

see section 4 for Abram's 2nd wife Cynthia.

Abram LEAVITT died Dec 16, 1896  AE 84 yrs. 8 mos. Stone broken through inscription.  " ....... such ties beyond the sunset of life." Catharine [BLAISDELL], wife of Abram LEAVITT, died Dec 12, 1871 AEt 53 ys 11 ms. "Death is the end of life's alarms, A light upon the shore, The clasping of immortal arms, Of loved ones gone before."
J. Hezekiah LEAVITT, son of Abram & Catharine, died June 25, 1864, AEt 7ys 5ms. Hosea Ballou LEAVITT, son of Abram & Catharine, died Nov 19, 1864, AEt 18ys 2ms.
Annie Florena LEAVITT, dau of Abram & Catharine, died Oct 16, 1866, AEt 15ys 12ds. Charles Abram LEAVITT
Nov 10, 1848 - Dec 22, 1931 (d/c: b/d Palmyra, wd of Sarah Rogers, names parents, gangrene of leg 3m)
Section #3:  FRENCH FAMILY  
first 3 stones in one lot.

This FRENCH family descends from John French of Braintree MA.

Zeba, son of Lt Micah FRENCH & Molly GOODELL.

Zeba FRENCH, died April 10, 1874, AEt 81. "Farewell children and friends so dear, I have gone no more to greet you here." Betsy [BECK], wife of Zeba FRENCH, died Aug 19, 1872, AEt 72 ys 5ms. "Meet me in the better land."
James FRENCH, wife, 3 ch.
Sullivan FRENCH, son of Zeba & Betsey, died Nov 2, 1850, AEt 20ys 6ms.  "Young people all, as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I; As I am now, so you must be, Prepare yourselves to follow me."   Engraver's Signature: Thaxter & Lacy. James H FRENCH, died Sept 3, 1901, AE 63 yrs 7 mos. [Corinna d/c: age 63,7,15 b Palmyra to Zeba French b NH & Betsy Beck b Goshen NH]
Lucinda P [RING], his wife, died Feb 10, 1920, AE 78 yrs 7 mos. [Corinna d/c: b Palmyra 21 May 1851 to Almond B Ring & Mary Luttle? both b Palmyra]

Flipside of James French.


Father & Mother

  George Elmer FRENCH, son of James H & Lucinda P, died Jan 29, 1871, AEt 2ys 8ms 5ds. "Gone but not forgotten."
Resting, Charles H FRENCH, son of James H & Lucinda P, died Sept 23, 1889, AE 26 ys 5 mos. Harry S FRENCH, son of JH & LP, died Oct 11, 1891, AE 21 ys 8 ms 6 ds.
these 2 stones together
Cynthia [SHAW, 2nd] wife of Abram LEAVITT, died Aug 19, 1900, AE 54ys. Perley R LEAVITT died Nov 1, 1909, AE 32 yrs. [d/c: d Gorham of TB, married (rec not found), son of Abraham & Cynthia.]
these 6 stones together
George William LEAVITT, died Apr 24, 1899, AE 50 yrs 10 ms.  "They who knew him best will bless his name, And keep his memory dear while life shall last." [d-rec not found.] Ella M [CRAWFORD], wife of George W LEAVITT, died Mar 27, 1885, AE 27 yrs 6 ms.
Guy C LEAVITT, son of George W & Ella M, died Dec 30, 1885, AE 4 yrs 5 mos. Mother, Etta May [PARKMAN, 2nd wife of George W] LEAVITT, 1863 - 1931 [d/c says wd of George William Leavitt, inf Roy W gave erroneous info for her parents.]
Bessie E LEAVITT, dau of George W & Etta M, June 5, 1889 - Dec 11, 1913. [d/c names parents George & Etta Parkman] Roy W Leavitt 1894 - 1975. [b-rec Roy William b 22 Mar 1894 Palmyra to George Leavitt & Etta Parkman; d 20 Dec 1975 ]


these 3 stones together, almost far back corner, 2 rows below Cynthia.

William LEAVITT died Mar 15, 1877, AE 60 yrs.  "He has gone to the sweet summer land, To that bright celestial shore; He has joined that happy angel band, And the partings are known no more."  crack cement repairs Sarah E [PILLSBURY], wife of William LEAVITT, died Jan 18, 1907, AE 84 ys 2 ms.  "Call not back the dear departed, Anchored safe where storms are o'er. On the border land we leave her, Soon to meet and part no more."
Adell Leavitt flipside
Mary Adell LEAVITT, dau of William & Sarah, died Apr 10, 1880, AE 22 yrs 1 mo 17 ds. DELLA. "It is meet! Ours the bitter, yours the sweet, Ours the pain, the loss, the tears; Yours the happy, endless years, Life will pass, and sweet shall be, Our glad meeting, sisters three."


whole family on one monument.

This family does descend from the Mayflower Soules.

SOULE FAMILY MONUMENT Rufus SOULE Born 1812 Died 1874. 
Melinda [PARKMAN] his wife Born 1819 Died 1873. 
Charles F their son Born 1835 Died 1839.


 Children of Orin L & Eliza J SOULE

Orin L SOULE  Born 1842  Mar 20, 1920  CIV WAR [d/c d Pittsfield b Palmyra 8 Mar 1842 to Rufus Soule & Malinda Parkman]. 
Eliza J [SPAULDING] his wife Born 1844  Nov 6, 1925.
Minnie J. Born 1865 Died 1882.
Lillian Mae Born 1872. [d-date unk; she md 1 Mr Crosby; m2 Roland E Rhoades 1902, div both; nfi.]
Addie C Born 1875. [md 1 Joseph Farwell 1897; md 2 George Appleby 1902]
Albinie (Albina) Born 1877. [md 1 Fred Marsh 1897; md 2 John Henderson 1923]