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Roland Rhoades in 1911Hi Genealogy Fans

Here is a little about me, Roland E Rhoades, photo to the left taken in 1911 (yes, really). I was born in Winslow Maine in 1867 to John Bryant Rhoades and Nancy Reynolds. I have held many occupations over the years. In my younger years, I had a shop with clocks, watches, and jewelry, being a fine jeweler and craftsman, if I do say so myself, and an inventor. My first patent was filed and approved in 1891-1892 at age 24. I sold some patents for a very nice figure. I was also a helper of Thomas Alva Edison for a time, helping him to rule out ways that didn't work - an amazing and persevering man. I became a Universalist, like my mother and sister Clara (Mrs Monk), in the 1890s at the First Universalist Church of Pittsfield Maine, and still am today, believing in religion as a universal thing with God being too big to fit into just one religion. I also had a weakness for the bottle and an eye for the ladies in my younger years. I married Annie Bickford in 1887; she divorced me. I married Lillie Soule in 1902; she divorced me. My third wife was Grace Emma Flagg, born in 1894. She would walk by my shop on her way from school and she was really cute and friendly. We fell in love and got married in 1911 when she was 16 and I was 43. Alas, that didn't last either.

Fast forwarding many years, in the 1970s my antiwar activities landed me on the FBI person-of-interest list. My file that I obtained under the Freedom of Information Act was really eye opening. No wonder our taxes are so high with them spending so much money spying on us citizens. In the 1980s I turned the tables and worked in the CIA; took a few years to get a full security clearance. I got sick of the nuclear weapon industry and quit in 1993. I also began to become interested in recording and researching my family history in the 1970s and actually began in 1980. I joined many genealogy societies, see the links on the genealogy index page. I have embraced the new technologies over the years, and make my living mainly on the internet with the 107-year-old Fuller Brush Company. But most of my time is spent recording the past.

As an environmentalist, I also drive a Toyota Prius and get about 50 mpg. Prius webpage.  We also have two special kitties. Kitties page.

I could spend every waking hour researching genealogy, but my wife insists on some time spent with her, and I need to do some work to pay the bills and save for retirement. I'm also a coin collector, coins from the 1800s are my favorites, bringing back good memories. I enjoy science fiction, my favorite authors being the masters Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Larry Niven. I like the Sci-Fi Channel, and shows like Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Atlantis, Lost, Medium, Who Do You Think You Are?, and History channel or PBS shows of the olden days.

2009 I am still healthy and currently married again, and no longer drink or drug. I have written no lies here. All is true, although I do find that a mixture of truths and leaving out some details makes for a more interesting story. At 140, I deserve the right to be eccentric.


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